Monday, June 06, 2005


I thought that time can heal any misunderstanding?? And why do I still feel shitty up to now?! She was my first so I guess I'm gonna have to give more time to this stupid shit feeling of mine.. I even told her that she is my first and last and I think that will stay for long as I know.. Last....probably, after what she did to me I don't think that I would want to feel the pain again....The feeling of rejection and low self-esteem.. I don't care if I'm fat and ugly... Stupid people trying to judge me should just go mind their damn shit bussiness and die.. So what if I'm ugly?? And what makes them think that they're so beautiful or handsome?! I won't even bother on listening to stupid depressing love songs that gives false hope.. Metal metal metal!!! that's the music for the newly broken hearted it gives the strength of standing up after being beaten down by a loved one..