Friday, June 02, 2006

What a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!

Just came back from Colombia!!! Whoohoo what a great country gonna miss it... I'm proud of my hometown it's been developed despite the guerillas trying to destroy everything.. And I just found out that one of our neighbour's a mafia! I thought they were only seen on movies but I actually saw how they look like and they are really freaky.. haha I wish I didn't have to depart from that country it's so calming and soothes the stress.. COLOMBIA TE AMO MUCHO CON TODO MI CORAZON, NO TE OLVIDES QUE SIEMPRE ESTARA TU MEMORIA EN MI MENTE!!!!! VIVA COLOMBIA Y TODO LOS PAIZES EN EL SUR DE AMERICA!!!!!! TE VOY A VISITAR OTRA VEZ COMO SIEMPRE HAGO CADA DOS AƱOS, RECUERDA ESO TE VOY A VER Y VAMOS A TENER UN GRAN TIEMPO!!!