Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Day

Ok, I just engaged in the most inspiring chat today.. The girl that I saw and piqued my curiousity just talked to me on YM.. Well I know that it seems to be shallow and stuff but for me it was great. I don't talk to girls that much and now I talked to her for almost an hour.. Geez it may sound like I'm desperate, but no I'm not.. I just wanted to know her and awhile ago I just did.. Well don't know her that much yet but it's a start.. Am I being a stalker?? I don't think so.. I'm not the guy who goes up to a girl to ask her number and be her textmate or something. Ok ok, maybe for some it's freaky to just chat with her right away without even knowing her.. But here's my explanation........... I'm shy just talking to her what more with her friends around her all the time?? I'm a little paranoid so I wouldn't want her friends saying "who the hell was that?!".. It's just awkward and I might not find the right words to say.. So the question is why I got attracted without knowing her..that is why I'm chatting with her..DUH..haha

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What you get with just talking to yourself..........

Ohhhh k the most awaited day just passed and nothing special about it.. Wasn't too sure if everyone felt the same way, but it was satisfying in a way.. I got to be alone with myself for awhile and reflect on why I'm too cautious with having a partner........It's because I'll only live once and I would like to have the best for me.. Why would I love someone that would only give me migranes and a broken heart?? Who would want that to happen? So now I'm just taking my time on relationships.. It's not a race that I should have a girlfriend as soon as possible. Love is not a game, it is a rule on how you should treat your partner right once engaged in this certain situation. Once the rule is broken so does your little world of hope and happiness.. I think that we should just follow the true nature of love and not go against it. No wonder why couples fight over the silliest of things.. They have broken the most important rule of this emotion.. passion for it.. Go with the flow, don't just say that you love the person and deep inside you think the opposite.. I mean c'mon couples worry if their parents wouldn't approve their partners, but should love be governed by silly rules that this material world has to give??? So what if you can't go out with your partner because your parents are strict? Then find another way to spice things up. Always REMEMBER love is an abstract emotion and it doesn't live on physical doesn't need to.. Can't force the river to flow the other way so don't force love to be physical. It's just not right to make something so vast and endless to be contained in just a jar. Let it out, it lives on emotions not on rules people give....................

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What a weird day.....

Ok this is the most freaky day of my life.. I've never thought that a girl would be so foward and ask me for a date!!! I don't even know her that well and now she's asking me out.. Geezz, what ever happened to boys asking girls out?? I don't care if I don't have a date and I am not that desperate to go out with anyone.. Why go out with someone you don't even have feelings for and end up getting annoyed because you didn't feel the "love"...tsk tsk Oh!!! and I saw this girl just the other day and I got very curious who she was......just saw her around school.. But I don't have the guts to ask her out, I mean we don't know each other and I think she has a boyfriend.. A girl that pretty wouldn't be single by this time..:) I know that I'm contradicting what I've just said with the why go out with someone you don't know.. Well.....that's why I didn't ask her out DUH..haha But it's rare for me to like someone from afar and if it only happens once in awhile then maybe my intuition is right.... Don't know her yet but time will tell if we would be able to know each other better..xiao:D

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A little reflection on Valentines

Ok, valentines day is near and yah I don't have a date.. It's not like I'm looking for someone, but for me it's not really a special day unless you have someone special....special enough to give your love to. Ahhh, imagine if everyone you see around you actually know the meaning of this day. I mean is it just giving flowers to your date and going out on a romantic dinner? Ever felt that sometimes you don't feel something and you just do it for the hang of it?? Maybe there is more to this so called love. Material things come and go, but emotions never fade...they just change from time to time.. Why is it that everyone thinks that giving material things to their partners would cover the hidden emotions towards their partner? *sigh* all I can say is that they are playing with the most powerful emotion of