Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another case of dismay..

Shit happens for a reason and this is one of them.. Although I'm disappointed at myself right now it's not going to be a headache for my part anymore.. I've done nothing wrong and there isn't anyone to blame.. All I did was to be honest of who I was and show what it is like to be different from the other guys.. But hey, if it didn't work then there is still someone that'll notice and maybe in return give the same deal.. Being turned down doesn't mean that I'm no good of a person.. It just shows that I'm not the right one so why be troubled with the idea of what would happen next? Respecting the female counterpart is not every guy's motive so if it's not every girls dream to have someone who thinks this way then there will be someone else to show it.. I don't think it's really hard to find one who thinks the same way with regards to girls.. If I exist then there should be one out there that thinks the same way I do.. I don't cry coz I have to be strong for the one in shambles, I respect for me to be respected, I keep fidelity a golden rule for hoping I would be treated likewise, I stay calm for nothing exists without a solution, I give whatever is needed to the situation for it to stay the way it was.. Rocking the boat isn't my thing so if it's not going to work that way then stop.. Shift to another and find what's best for me.. No signs of the girl liking me? Then there will be some other who will eventually give.. Can't force the issue on things more so if hope is not on my side.. Even the greatest of warriors can lose hope if the signs of success is narrowed down to despair.. I'm just a simple guy and no matter what I do there isn't anything more discombobulating than having hope on something that is of an illusion.. I like the person alot and if the person doesn't like me back then why push? The thousands of girls I see everyday, I haven't felt this way but if it's not going to be a right path then I should go back and wait for another road to open up and maybe cross it if the signs point to "yes go for it".. The person was perfect for me but I wasn't perfect.. Ok now it's absurd to think this way but puzzle pieces sometimes fit on the wrong side yet it looks perfect.. It's a matter of knowing the figure and making it match to complete the puzzle.. Like they say "To show true love you shouldn't just appreciate the rose alone, but love the thorns aswell".. This is what I did yet it didn't show how much I sacrificed.. I will then let the rose down and see who can take good care of it.. For it seems that I'm not the right heir for it's heart.. If I can find my princess then hopefully for her I can be her prince.. I haven't given up just yet but I know that it'll go nowhere for how will she know if I don't say it.. Is it wrong to like someone and make it unknown to anyone who opposes such idea? Why hide such feelings when they are there to be expressed? It's not the concern of anyone but the couples for they are the ones making each other happy with every moment that they are together.. There will be someone out there who thinks the same way.. I just know it..

Ok that was long.. well just pouring what I feel here even if I can't express it to the person for there is a hindrance.. Either sign is fine with me just aslong as I know what the person thinks.. Rejection is also acceptance in a negative way for it repels you to a lower level.. Can't like me back then she accepts me as a friend.. So why fret, eh? Anyways I know she doesn't like me so not going to be bothered by the thought as to tell her or not what I feel.. Not like before where I plan and get all rushed if I'll tell her or not.. If the person doesn't want me to say it then fine by me for it's no big of a deal.. So that's it for now.. Btw don't watch Sunshine! The movie sucks like a broken vaccum. Sucks at sucking that's how bad it is.haha Don't waste your money for that stinking movie! I mean going to the sun and not get burned?! Geez so Science is not having any arguments on this?

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